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6Boost turbo manifolds have been used in all types of motorsport all over the world for a number of years now and in that time many major achievements have been made including setting some world records! .

Here are some of the achievements from cars equipped with 6Boost manifolds

The Rayglass Celica setting a new world record of 6.12@238mph! SInce switching to a 6boost manifold the team have enjoyed not having to remove the manifold between every pass and reweld it, something they were getting far too accustomed to. Since fitting their 6boost manifold it has not cracked once!


Godzilla Motorsport R35, fastest RB engine on earth 6.63@211. And before anyone says the R35 has a VR38 this one is runs a RB32!


Brams Racing UK fastest import 6.63@208


These are just a few of the cars and and examples of the many incredible performance that can be achieved with 6Boost!