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6Boost Manifold Design

All 6Boost Manifolds are designed and built around a unique "Merge collector". This type of collector technology has been used in the highest forms or motorsport for years, but never applied commercially to turbo manifolds anywhere in the world, until now!

The look and design of the collector is easily recognisable. All pipes enter at the exact same angle, and merge together at a point in the middle, pointing straight into the turbine. No pipes enter across each other so airflow is not disrupted. The design of this merge collector mean that all gases are directed at the turbine entry with absolute maximum force, converting into quicker spool and better performance gains.6Boost collector

With this collector technology we have seen anywhere from 200-400rpm faster spool up and gains in the region of 6-15% in power in back to back dyno testing, even on highly tuned race engines.We also see gains of peak power being held for longer.

All 6Boost manifolds are finished to the highest standards. They are constructed from thick wall mandrel bent steam pipe and are designed and built to be one of the highest quality manifolds available on the market.

6Boost manifolds are heavily sand blasted inside and out to improve the surface finish and ensure there is no scale or contaminants that may damage your turbocharger on startup. They come coated in high temperature exhaust enamel that has proven to withstand the excessive heat of a turbocharged environment.

They are fully tig welded with laser cut 16mm head plates, come with optional external wastegate outlet in a size of your choice and the latest technology is used in the collector design.

The same design as used on formula 1 engines and V8 drag cars.They are faced and hand ported, ready to be used. These are just SOME of the extra measures taken with your 6boost manifold to ensure you are receiving nothing but the best

All 6boost manifolds are mild steel construction and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and defects, a first in turbo manifold manufacture. We even include a complete set of studs and nuts and turbocharger gasket to go with your new manifold

 6Boost twin scroll merge collector